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Throwback Travel : Alaska

*This Post originally appeared on my now defunct lifestyle blog Style and Chocolates. This blog post has a few modifications to the text and is being transferred here permanently.

Nofiltertravel Photos Alaska Alaska Cruise

About nine years ago (eek, has it been that looong ago?) My family and I went on a cruise to Alaska. A series of unfortunate events happened: lost baggage, my dad and my sister getting sick and then learning it was due to a virus going around the boat. Since we were with two contaminated people, we were ALL confined to our room for two days. Then finally, because of said virus, the cruise had to end one day early! What a mess!

Nofiltertravel Photos Alaska Ketchikan
The town of Ketchikan. First stop we made.

But despite all that, I'd have to say this trip was one of the most stunning ones I've taken. I say stunning because the views we saw were just gorgeous! Read  the captions to see what we saw!

Nofiltertravel Photos Alaska Ketchikan
I think it was here in Alaska where I developed a love affair with Salmon!

The second day of confinement, my mom and I were bored out of our minds so we decided to join a tram tour in one of the town stops. The town was called Skagway. The view was beautiful! We even went to this place where we had lunch and "panned for gold".

Nofiltertravel Photos Alaska Skagway and Snow Capped Mountains
Snowy mountain that we saw from our tram ride.

Nofiltertravel Photos Alaska Cruise
 The view from some lookout point in Skagway. We could see our cruise ship!

Nofiltertravel Photos Alaska Skagway and Snow Capped Mountains
 Gorgeous snowy plains

Nofiltertravel Photos Alaska Skagway and Snow Capped Mountains
 Clockwise from top : Mountain view on tram ride; snowy flat plain view still from the tram ride; the place where we had a yummy salmon lunch and "panned for gold" ; the last photo is blurry because out tour guide said there was a bear! see if you can spot it out...

The last few days of the cruise, we didn't make any stops - we just cruised into glacier bay. It was so amazing to see all the ice and snow capped mountains. 

Nofiltertravel Photos Alaska Glacier Bay
I love how the snowy peaks were clearly reflected on the calm sea water

Nofiltertravel Photos Alaska Glacier Bay
They named these after some ivy league universities, but I totally forgot which ones ;p

Nofiltertravel Photos Alaska Glacier Bay
Snowy mountains that can be seen from the ship and approaching glacier bay

Nofiltertravel Photos Alaska Glacier Bay idea why they're putting graffiti on the block of ice or if they're even allowed to! :o

Nofiltertravel Photos Alaska Glacier Bay
 last view before we left glacier bay

Seeing all this ice and snow is such a novelty for me, I mean I do live in a tropical country and the only snow and ice I see in the parts where I live are in my freezer. I would love to go back to Alaska again! I only hope that all the ice is still intact and hasn't melted much due to global warming since I was last there. Yikes!

What are your favorite throwback travel memories???

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