Sunday, January 8, 2017

Welcome to Nofilter Travel

Nofilter Travel Photos Armenia Scenery Surrounding Noravank Monastery
Scenery Surrounding Noravank Monastery, Vayots D'zor, Armenia

Showing the world as one sees it in the moment. No filter,no photoshop.

Welcome to No Filter Travel! I first started this little passion project awhile back on Instagram. I posted mainly my photos that I took over some years of traveling and decided to call it No Filter Travel. This name came about when I realized {after one of my trips to Armenia}that the photos I took of the scenery and sites that took my breath away did not need any filter or photoshop. They were all gorgeous on their own. It got me to thinking about starting an Instagram account (and well kind of a movement really) that was dedicated to travel photos that showed the place or scenery just as it's seen in the moment. No edits, no photoshop and absolutely no filter.  I know that it's tempting to tweak and edit travel photos (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that) but I just wanted to show that these sites and places are really already beautiful on their own.

I then branched out to writing about my experiences from those travels in my old lifestyle blog, Style&Chocolates. Just recently, I've decided to consolidate all my travel posts in one site. Thus, this No Filter Travel site was born. I've transferred all the posts from Style&Chocolates into this site in case you missed them and will continue writing about some more new travel experiences. All my photos will showcase all the places just as I saw it. Join me in my #nofiltertravel movement and let's show just how naturally beautiful our world really is! I Hope I get to see your unfiltered travel photos too under the hashtag #nofiltertravel on Instagram.

I also hope you enjoy all the content in this site! xx

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